Quick Tip: Combining Update Centers with Maven

Building an update center for your NetBeans Platform application with Maven is easy – simply call the nbm:autoupdate goal from the parent folder. Unless you choose another outputDirectory, the updates.xml and nbms will be available in the target/netbeans_site folder after the goal is executed. The interesting tip is this: If you copy other nbms into … Read more

Viewing the Effective POM

I discovered another cool feature in the latest development builds of the NetBeans IDE. When viewing a pom.xml file in any Maven-based project, you can now see the effective pom. This means that the configuration inherited from one or more parent pom.xml files is shown in this view too. Very useful indeed!

Migrating my Mind to Maven (Part 7) – Functional Testing

Functional testing with JellyTools is fairly unfamiliar territory for me, so this morning I decided to spend some time to learn how it works with a Maven-based NetBeans Platform Application. JellyTools is a library based on Jemmy, which allows you to manipulate GUI components during automated functional testing. My first attempt at following the Writing … Read more

Migrating my Mind to Maven (Part 6) – Customising the Installers

The nbm:build-installers Maven goal allows you to build the platform application installers using Maven, as I wrote about in an earlier blog post. Yesterday I decided to investigate how to configure the installer when building it using that goal. The first thing that can be customised is which platform(s) to create installers for. This can … Read more