Quick Tip: Combining Update Centers with Maven

Building an update center for your NetBeans Platform application with Maven is easy – simply call the nbm:autoupdate goal from the parent folder. Unless you choose another outputDirectory, the updates.xml and nbms will be available in the target/netbeans_site folder after the goal is executed.

The interesting tip is this: If you copy other nbms into that folder before running the nbm:autoupdate goal, they will be included in the updates.xml file! This is the easiest way I have found so far to combine modules from different suites into one update center. 🙂

1 thought on “Quick Tip: Combining Update Centers with Maven”

  1. the scope of the autoupdate goal is either the reactor (thus when executed on the “pom” packaging parent pom, all it’s modules will be included. Can be optionally tweaked by inclusion/exclusion of profiles.
    Or the scope is the “nbm-application” packaging and then it’s dependencies are the scope of the update center, again can be tuned by including/excluding profiles.

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