Migrating my Mind to Maven (Part 5) – Changing the Module Author

Even after working with a Maven-based NetBeans Platform application for a few months, there are still lots of new things that I discover every week. 🙂

Quite a while ago I was looking in detail at the update center for our Maven-based NetBeans Platform application. And I wanted to change the module author that appears in the Plugins UI. Only today did I find out how to accomplish this, and as with all things Maven it is simple once you know how.

In the parent pom.xml of the application, just add the following:

    <name>Hermien Pellissier</name>

2 thoughts on “Migrating my Mind to Maven (Part 5) – Changing the Module Author”

  1. in 3.8 of the nbm plugin, author will become a parameter of the nbm goal. In current releases org.name is the default value if not defined in the module descriptor file.

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