Tutorials Revamped for NetBeans Platform 7.2

Besides implementing and testing the IDE itself, there are various other tasks involved in a new release of the NetBeans IDE. One important aspect is ensuring that the tutorials on the NetBeans website are up to date. And this release is no exception: there are a number of interesting NetBeans Platform Learning Trail tutorials that have been updated by Geertjan, and I would like to highlight some of them that I think are particularly useful. 🙂

  1. NetBeans IDE 7.2 Plugin Quick Start – a tutorial that illustrates some of the basic concepts around module development on the NetBeans platform, by guiding the reader to implement a Google search bar in the IDE.
  2. NetBeans Project Type Module Tutorial – a tutorial describing all the aspects of integrating your own kind of project into the IDE. This is an aspect of the platform that has IMO improved drastically over the last few years. This tutorial is most definetely worth a read!
  3. NetBeans Platform Runtime Container Tutorial – a tutorial describing the minimum set of modules that makes up a NetBeans Platform application.

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