Migrating my Mind to Maven (Part 2) – Building Installers

Today I discovered another great new addition to the latest development builds of the NetBeans IDE: building installers from the IDE for a Maven-based NetBeans Platform application!

I am using NetBeans 7.2 development build 201204150400, but I don’t know exactly when this was introduced. In this development build, I can right-click on the the App project in the Projects view and choose Build Installers. The installers are built to the target folder of the app (the output tells you exactly where the files are generated).

As with Ant-based projects, you can configure which installers get built. For Maven-based platform applications, you will find this configuration in the properties of the App project under the Installer category.

You can also build the installers by calling Maven from the command line:

[text]mvn nbm:build-installers[/text]

Have a look at this AgroSense page for related information.

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