Busy TopComponents

With each new version of the NetBeans Platform, there are useful new features that developers can use in their platform applications. And 7.2 is no exception to this rule. 🙂

There are a number of new features already available in the development builds for 7.2, in the Window System amongst others. The one feature that has been drawing some attention is the fact that a TopComponent can now have an animated icon indicating to the user that it is busy with some process. What the NewAndNoteworthyNB72 page does not say is how this can be used. In your TopComponent, simply call


to activate the icon. Have a look at the javadoc for more info.

2 thoughts on “Busy TopComponents”

    • Hi Jackie

      It works for me in NetBeans 7.2 FCS. Make sure that your application is using the new platform, and that the module containing the TopComponent is using the latest version of the window system module.

      Are you working with an Ant-based or Maven-based application? Let me know, then I can give you more specific directions for checking this.

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