Ode to Project Groups

Observing developers at work in the NetBeans IDE, I have noticed that the project groups feature is perhaps not as well known as one might expect. Despite being listed as one of the Base IDE features. 🙂 Quickly opening up a set of related projects is a very useful feature indeed, if you work on multiple projects. Or even just if you want to quickly switch between the project you are working on and a sand box environment where you can try new things out.

So I decided to search online for documentation related to this feature, to avoid repeating what others have already written. And I found this gem: How to use Project Groups in NetBeans. If you are not familiar with the concept or practical application of a project group, do read that blog post.

The interesting bit that I would like to add to that, is that there is a New and Noteworthy feature in NetBeans 7.1 related to this: command line options for opening or closing project groups.

Opening the project group called “Test” when IDE starts:
[text]netbeans –open-group Test[/text]

Closing the group that was open when the IDE was last used, if any:
[text]netbeans –close-group[/text]

These command line parameters would be quite useful when demonstrating multiple things with the IDE during training. You could set up a project group for each demonstration, and create a shortcut that includes the relevant parameters to open it up.

The big advantage of having the command line options, however, is being able to get to work on large project groups much faster in some cases. Read the RFE on Bugzilla for more details. 🙂

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