Another Source Adventure

In the previous blog post, some areas remained unexplored. Specifically, how to observe the values of variables with versions of the IDE that don’t include debug information. In this guest post by Robert Bracko┬á(robert [dot] bracko [at] vip [dot] hr), he describes his experiences with building the NetBeans IDE source code to overcome this obstacle. … Read moreAnother Source Adventure

The Ultimate NetBeans Platform Resource

Much has been written about the NetBeans Platform. But the ultimate resource still remains the source code of the Platform itself! I have used plenty of open source libraries over the years. And I have ventured into the source code numerous times. Quite often the experience is one that leaves one dazed and confused. But … Read moreThe Ultimate NetBeans Platform Resource

Mari├ín Mirilovi─Ź, Quality Engineering Manager

The success of a software development project can be measured in many ways. But certainly one of the most important metrics for the users of open source software, is the quality of the software itself. And so it is fitting that the second interview in the series of NetBeans team interviews introduces Mari├ín Mirilovi─Ź, NetBeans … Read moreMari├ín Mirilovi─Ź, Quality Engineering Manager