Published October 27, 2016 in Food

Six years ago when we visited Amsterdam, one of the highlights of our trip was eating poffertjes. Poffertjes are Dutch Pancakes, baked using a special cast iron pan. Typically they are served with powdered sugar and butter. But anything sweet will go well with them, including fruit and cream and chocolate sauce. And ever since we have been searching for the perfect poffertjes in South Africa.

And now the search is over! 😀

Today we visited The Stalls night market at the South Downs shopping center in Centurion. The whole market concept is great – lots of different food stalls and some crafts. The market travels between different shopping centers, and comes to South Downs once a month.

Everything else at the market pales in comparison to the most amazingly yummy poffertjes from De Kroketten Man and Poffertje Queen! We got one plate with all the toppings – strawberries, chocolate sauce and cream. Absolutely amazing! Freshly baked poffertjes are just the best! We also got two more large plates with sugar and maple syrup to take home. 😀

De Kroketten Man and Poffertje Queen are also at the Hazel Food Market every Saturday.

If you like pancakes, you will LOVE these poffertjes!

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