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Published August 25, 2016 in Food, South Africa

I have travelled to many places around the world. I have had some wonderful meals – fantastic curry dishes in India, amazing pasta in Italy, and great tapas in Spain. It is very much a part of the experience of travelling to eat the local food!

It does require finding out what the local food actually is however. Everywhere in the world there are Indian and French and Italian restaurants. Fast food chains serving our favourite burgers and pizzas are ubiquitous. And South Africa is no different. So today I want to tell you about three restaurants in Gauteng that services good South African food.

Bosvelder Pub and Restaurant

The Bosvelder Pub and Restaurant, located in Centurion, is not a well known name. But they serve the most amazing range of traditional South African, and specifically Afrikaans, dishes! Have a look at their menu here – where else would you find skilpadjies, tripe & trotters, lamb’s head and sago puding all under one roof? They do also have burgers and steaks and the like for the less adventurous. 🙂

Carnivore Restaurant

The Carnivore Restaurant, located in Muldersdrift, is an all you can eat meat restaurant. What makes them special is that it includes game meats, featuring items such as kudu, impala and even crocodile! This restaurant is very popular, and booking is essential!

Moyo (Melrose Arch)

Moyo is a restaurant group, but I am specifically writing here about the one in Melrose Arch. It is located in a beautiful, upmarket part of the city. And they serve fantastic African dishes, from South Africa as well as elsewhere on the continent. This one is also quite popular, but we managed to get a table without a booking.

If you are travelling from overseas to Gauteng, then I would highly recommend going to at least one of these restaurants!

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