Quick Tip: Changing the Order of JavaHelp Topics

Adding JavaHelp topics to a NetBeans Platform application is made really easy by the NetBeans IDE. Run the New File wizard, and choose the Module Development category, and under File Types pick JavaHelp Help Set. The wizard will generate all the necessary files for you. The one thing in the process that was not obvious … Read moreQuick Tip: Changing the Order of JavaHelp Topics

Building Multiple Selected Maven-Based Modules

Sometimes a small change in an application can make a pretty big difference in user experience. A colleague of mine installed the NetBeans IDE 7.2 yesterday. And after a while he commented that you can now select multiple Maven-based module projects and choose the build action from the context menu! It might seem like an … Read moreBuilding Multiple Selected Maven-Based Modules

Tutorials Revamped for NetBeans Platform 7.2

Besides implementing and testing the IDE itself, there are various other tasks involved in a new release of the NetBeans IDE. One important aspect is ensuring that the tutorials on the NetBeans website are up to date. And this release is no exception: there are a number of interesting NetBeans Platform Learning Trail tutorials that … Read moreTutorials Revamped for NetBeans Platform 7.2