Migrating my Mind to Maven (Part 1) – Packaging the Application

Originally all NetBeans Platform applications were built using the Ant-based build harness. And of course this option is still available in NetBeans 7.1. However, the IDE also has tool support for creating platform applications built with Maven, which was added in more recent versions. I have been working with the NetBeans Platform since 5.5 days, … Read moreMigrating my Mind to Maven (Part 1) – Packaging the Application

NetCAT 7.2: Open for Business

The NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program (NetCAT) for NetBeans 7.2 kicked off today! This is an opportunity for community members to help make the NetBeans IDE even better, while meeting interesting people from around the world and learning a bit about how the NetBeans development and QA teams work. If you are interested in joining … Read moreNetCAT 7.2: Open for Business