Parsing Command Line Parameters

Using the Command Line Parsing API, it is possible to process parameters passed to your NetBeans Platform application via the command line. This article explores how it works. Read this excellent blog post by Geertjan which provided me with some of the information for this article. Also useful was the javadoc. NetBeans Platform 7.1 Code … Read moreParsing Command Line Parameters

How to Get Hold of an Action Instance

The NetBeans Platform manages the creation of actions at run time. When you create a new action with the wizard (File > New File… > Module Development > Action) everything gets generated that is needed for the Platform to load the action and call your actionPerformed() method when required. However, the question does sometimes arise … Read moreHow to Get Hold of an Action Instance

Extensions and Deserialisation

When loading classes as extensions in a NetBeans Platform application, serialising the dynamically loaded objects is straight forward. However, deserialising them is not. 🙂 This article assumes that the reader is familiar with extension points. For more information on this topic, read the NetBeans Platform 7.1 Quick Start tutorial, the Lookup API javadocs and Toni … Read moreExtensions and Deserialisation

Tutorial: Not So Global Selection

Selection management and nodes are two frequently used aspects of the NetBeans Platform. And these aspects have been well documented in tutorials: NetBeans Selection Management Tutorial I—Using a TopComponent’s Lookup NetBeans Selection Management Tutorial II—Using Nodes NetBeans Nodes API Tutorial These tutorials (specifically the second one) deal with explorer views that are located on top … Read moreTutorial: Not So Global Selection