Your Story Matters!

As I was waiting for my lunch order to arrive today, I was looking at the people around me. The place wasn’t crowded but there were enough people to make it interesting. There was a mom with her young son and a trolley filled with groceries. There was a group of friends that looked like this is their regular spot. And then there was an old man, eating by himself but looking perfectly content to do so. I was wondering what his story was, why he was there at that moment in time. Maybe his wife had passed away years ago and he still goes to their favourite spot in her memory?

And then it struck me that each and every person in that room has a story to tell!

Personal stories are easy to relate to. I have learned that one of the good ways to start a speech on just about any topic is with a relevant personal anecdote. In fact, just look again at the start of this blog post – I bet you could relate to my people watching story.

Each of us have journeyed with God to where we are today. Lots of things have happened to us, possibly mostly very down to earth, normal human experiences. It may seem like you have nothing special to tell. But guess what – our audience are made up of normal human beings that are actually interested in the lives of others! And hearing about your everyday experiences of being a child of God might be just what somebody needs!

There are many excuses for not sharing our testimonies with others. One that comes to mind is that we might feel that we cannot explain the theology behind the experience well enough. Well, that didn’t stop the blind man that Jesus healed on a Sabbath. The religious leaders called in the man that was healed to testify in the matter.

John 9:25 (WEBBE): 25He therefore answered, “I don’t know if he is a sinner. One thing I do know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

Nobody can argue that the man had this experience. No theological argument can undo the fact that he now can see. And he just stuck to his testimony.

So don’t be discouraged into silence – your story matters!