You Have To Be There!

A photo just cannot truly capture the glory of nature. It gives the viewer merely a small glimpse of what the photographer saw. You miss out on the rest of the scene, the feeling of rays of sunshine on your face, the smell of grass. A photo can never convey the vibrant life of a leave back lit by the setting sun. You have to be there to get the whole experience! And for just a moment you have to stop and enjoy the scene that was just waiting to be noticed!

It is the same with experiencing God’s presence. You can read the best poetry about His Love. You can listen to the most majestic music ever written to glorify Him. But none of it comes close to walking with God! The great news is that we don’t have to go far at all to find God – He is IN US. So just stop for a moment doing whatever you are doing, and recognize that God was there all along!